Your child deserves the BEST


The most memorable & precious event of your life.

‘tiny tots’ is all about your kids’

If you love your kids, you will love our most demanding product ‘tiny tots’.

‘tiny tots’ is all about your kids, it gathers the beautiful memories from the day your child was born to when he started walking or his first day at school, how he celebrates his birthdays with friends or when he went for his first holiday.

The most memorable & precious event of your life.

Hard Bound Baby, School and Year Photo Book

We compile all your best shots in an attractively designed & long lasting books, which you can share proudly with your friends and family.

‘tiny tots’ is also tailored for nurseries & schools, brilliant shots of the whole year’s activities of ‘little scholars’ can be turned into a handy and trendy ‘year book’.

For more information email at or call us at +971 4 396 6775 or +971 50 234 7860

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