Photo Editing Techniques for creating your Best Photobook

“photo editing”

“photo editing”

Photo Editing Techniques For Photo Book Creation

Whether you consider yourself to be an amateur or professional photographer, you cannot deny that photo editing software has greatly simplified, and even improved the way photos are processed. With access to increased functionality and re-touch capability, even the shakiest hand can take photographs which look premium, once edited. Yet key to any photo editing process, is knowledge of the basal photo editing techniques, which thankfully, are all accessible with CamToPrint photo editing software. Once you’ve edited your cherished photos, compile them in one of many gift ideas inspired by CamToPrint; including photo books, digital scrapbooks, and even e-cards!

The term “photo editing” refers to the process of photo manipulation, once your images have been uploaded to your computer. For a decent range of editing capabilities, you will need a dedicated software program, with a simple interface and customizable functions. In the hands of professionals, Photo Shop is regarded as the ultimate tool for photo manipulation, however, those who don’t want to learn through endless tutorials will find CamToPrint software an easier, and free solution. To get started, all you need to do is import your photos from your camera, scanner or a computer folder and enter the editing suite, prior to selecting your preferred free scrapbooking templates.

 Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and contrast go hand-in-hand when it comes to photo editing, purely because when altered simultaneously, both have the ability to drastically alter the intrinsic values of an image. With the CamToPrint photo editing studio, you can access these settings from the “Basic Function” window, and clicking “Optimization”. Here, you are able to manually control the brightness and contrast values, while seeing them applied in real-time to the image. Contrast alteration has the ability to significantly improve colour saturation and richness within an image, while brightness can assist with photographs taken in tricky lighting conditions.




Saturation adjustment controls the colour and hue levels within an image. By draining an image of saturation completely, you can create a black and white version of the photograph. Using the alternate extreme, you can flood the image saturation to create a pop-art style image. Colours tend to bleed and merge using this effect, and the primary colours are most prominent.

Subtle saturation adjustment can be used to improve the levels of colour within an image such as landscape greenery or a sunset. This handy setting can also be found when clicking on the “Optimization” button.




CamToPrint software features a range of quirky, formal and thematic effects which can be applied to photographs. Effects allow users to manipulate images using alternate image angles, mirroring and ripple effects to name a few. Within the “Effects” tab you may choose from all manner of effects including sepia (which gives photos a vintage look) and blur (which merges colours and lines, ideal for abstract photographs). Consider the application of different effects for scrapbooking layout design ideas.


Image rotation is a simplistic “fix” option which can sometimes benefit a photograph taken from a tricky angle. CamToPrint have allocated these buttons to the bottom of the design screen, allowing one-click rotation of images both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

As well as basic fixes, CamToPrint software also offers a variety of additional capabilities which including cropping and re-sizing. These fixes can be done prior to, or during the creation of your photo book or digital scrapbook.

If you are new to photo editing software, these “fix” tools will realize a whole new way of editing your photographs for better quality; best of all, they don’t infringe upon the values of the original photo as they can be saved as a new file within the software program.

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What is a Photo Book?


A photo book is the next evolution of the photo album using your digital photos. Using very simple software, anyone can create a beautiful coffee table-style book of your personal memories.

If you are looking for a new, attractive and unique way to show off your photos, consider the self-published photo book. These digital books are easy to create, inexpensive, and totally customizable. Best of all, they make a perfect gift, especially around the holidays. A photo book can celebrate a new baby, a wedding or engagement party, or other family events, including vacations. Once you create a photo book, you can print copies on demand, and have them shipped directly to friends and family all over the world.

Styles of photo books

There are many sizes and styles of photo books from which to choose. From hard cover to soft cover to leather bound or miniature, there is a photo book that’s just perfect for any event.



Steps to making a great photo book

1. Select the photos you would like to use

2.Select the size and style of photo book that is best for your project.

3. Be as creative as you want. You can have full creative control over exactly where pictures are placed, the design of each page, and when and where to use text. Or you may choose to have the software automatically load your photos into a pre-determined template making the entire process effortless.

4. Order your book and decide to pick it up at the store or have it delivered to your door.



Complicated software is not necessary to make a professional quality book. Visit us here at the store and we’ll show you how easy it really is!

Choose from many options including hard cover, soft cover, and a variety of sizes. After uploading the pictures (in jpg format) from your memory card, you can add personalized text, and captions. The pages can then be designed to feature one large image, or a collection of several smaller pictures. You can also adjust the background color of the actual page in addition to choosing from several themes. Whether you are looking for great holiday gift, a way to showcase your work, or want to create a family keepsake, a photo book is a wonderful option.

Creative, inexpensive, totally customizable Photo Books! Celebrate a wedding, a new baby, or any special event with a Photo book.

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Telling Stories Through Photo Books

Photo Book

Photo books are a terrific way to share your memories in a creative, elegant fashion. Here are some things to keep in mind while putting yours together:

Tell a story

Whether you’re shooting a family vacation, your daughter’s soccer season, or a beautiful wedding ceremony, your pictures tell a story. There are lots of simple ways you can become a better storyteller:

Have a beginning, middle and end

Take a visual walk down memory lane by creating a sense of time in your pictures.

For example, at a baseball game, take shots of the team warming up. Snap a few frames of the scoreboard as it changes. Show the sunset as dusk falls in the late innings.

By establishing time, you’re inspired to remember the entire event.

Shoot the details

Let the smaller moments help define your larger one – take photos of memorable road signs, menus of great new restaurants, or flashlight beams in the sand.

Characters are an unforgettable part of any story – including yours. So shoot a friendly shopkeeper, a dazzling street performer, a playful chimp at the zoo – or any other character who made the moment special.

Get creative with macro mode. Capture patterns on leaves, close-ups of spider webs, or the grooves of a seashell to create interesting background textures.

Take Notes

When reliving a special time in your family’s history, it’s great to have the details that made the event – so as you take pictures, take a few minutes to jot down the little things.

Write down funny side stories, memorable quotes, or anything else that enriched your experience

Create an atmosphere with sensory details – how did it feel, taste, look, sound, or smell?

Take it one step further – add your notes to your book to create an elegant photo journal.

Putting it all together

Once your pictures are taken and the creativity’s flowing, see how easy it is to create your photo book.
Start your photo book now.

Start your photobook now.

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