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Memorable memories
The best way to hold on to your memories is to actually hold them — in gorgeous photo books, cards, and prints. You can make them all right with mephotobook designers. And with new, smarter design layouts, it’s never been easier. Just choose your favorite shots, and write your own captions or messages and upload it at Before you know it, your photos arrive at your door — in all forms of amazing.

Hard Bound Coffee Table Photo Book

Coffee Table Photo books
Making gorgeous photo books all starts with the new dynamic Theme designers. Our designers will provide you with your choice, you’ll see how your photos look good in each page. Just choose your favorite sequenced and we will place all your photos in the right spots — and will even makes sure photos of people are cropped and framed perfectly. We will choose the background color, font, layout, and more with just a few clicks. Also, you can choose your favorite photo for the book cover. We can also add full-bleed, two-page spreads to really show off your best shots. Make books big enough for the coffee table or small enough to carry around, with hardcover, softcover, and wirebound options. And make many, many copies.

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Best 5 Tips for Making an Brilliant Photo Book

The presents have all been unwrapped, the ball has dropped, the holiday season has come and gone again. As quick as it was, you probably have a few hundred photos that captured all those precious little moments from the past few weeks. What is the point if no one sees them, though? A picture is worth a thousand words, but not if it is doomed to sit in your camera until next year! So what do you do with all of them? Make an awesome ME photo book and you can be done with next year’s holiday gifts before anyone else has even thought of them. But how do you make a photo book so outstanding that your family and friends wish they’d thought of it?

Photo Book

Size Matters
The mephotobook Studio makes it super easy to upload your photos from your computer and drag them into folder. Before you jump in, take a look at the kinds of photos you are planning to use. Are they mostly horizontal or vertical shots? Landscapes or close-ups? The mephotobook Studio lets you choose from 3 different sizes of books from 21 x 30 cm, 30 x 42 cm to 30 x 30 cm. If you are showing off wide shots of your family together or how your whole house looked decorated, you probably don’t want to try to cram those photos into a square 30 x 30 cm book because your images will get cut off. Conversely, a square book is great for close ups of food, people or your tree. Picking the right size book for your photos can make all the difference.

Its a Photo Book – Not a Novel
Captions are a great way to embellish a photo. They help preserve what people were thinking at that moment and can add a little humor to an already great album. Be sparing with comments so you don’t detract from your photography. When a person picks your album up off your coffee table, they should be delighted by the images inside, not bored from all the reading ahead of them. On that note, pick a font that is visually appealing and complimentary to your overall theme. The text should help the progression of the book, not grind it to a halt.

Story Telling Through Balance and Composition
While a photo book is mostly visual, it is still a book that needs to tell a story. This can be done by carefully organizing your photos in an order that makes sense. I find it helps the look and flow of your book if you balance the content of the photos. It would be silly to lump all of the pictures of people together, then all the pictures of things, then places, etc. If you’re making a book about your birthday party, show pics of the food interspersed with people enjoying it. Show the exterior shots of your house, mixed with people showing up. It helps to think of a photo book like a story board for a movie. This makes it more entertaining and a real page-turner.

Learn How to Share
This is the digital age and photo books don’t have to be limited to just a table or shelf, you can make your photo book into a downloadable ebook too. You spent a lot of time making your book. Imagine how cool it would be to show anyone you run into your hard work on your phone, flash drive, or e-reader or website. Everyone will think you’re super tech-savvy and be jealous they don’t have one to show.

The Cover Can Be Compelling
If a photo speaks a thousand words, then the one that’s on the cover speaks a million. Choose a photo for the cover that fully captures the entirety of your project. It should be the most eye catching – be it funny, beautiful, or different, it just needs to be compelling if people are gonna crack that first page. The quality of the cover photo is a pretty good indication of the rest of the photos within.

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Impressive Stories Through Photo Books

Impressive Stories Through Photo Books
Photo books are a terrific way to share your memories in a creative, elegant fashion. Here are some things to keep in mind while putting yours together:

Photo Book

Whether you’re shooting a family vacation, your daughter’s soccer season, or a beautiful wedding ceremony, your pictures tell a story. There are lots of simple ways you can become a better storyteller:

Have a Beginning, Middle and End
• Take a visual walk down memory lane by creating a sense of time in your pictures.
• For example, at a football game, take shots of the team warming up. Snap a few frames of the landscape. Show the sunset as dusk falls in the late innings.
• By establishing time, you’re inspired to remember the entire event.

Have a Beginning, Middle and End

Have a Beginning, Middle and End

Shoot the Details
• Let the smaller moments help define your larger one – take photos of memorable road signs, menus of great new restaurants, or flashlight beams in the sand.
• Characters are an unforgettable part of any story – including yours. So shoot a friendly shopkeeper, a dazzling street performer, a playful chimp at the zoo – or any other character who made the moment special.
• Get creative with macro mode. Capture patterns on leaves, close-ups of spider webs, or the grooves of a seashell to create interesting background textures.

Shoot the details

Take Notes
• When reliving a special time in your family’s history, it’s great to have the details that made the event – so as you take pictures, take a few minutes to jot down the little things.
• Write down funny side stories, memorable quotes, or anything else that enriched your experience.
• Create an atmosphere with sensory details – how did it feel, taste, look, sound, or smell?
• Take it one step further – add your notes to your book to create an elegant photo journal.

Take Notes - Social Media Gadgets

Once your pictures are taken and the creativity’s flowing, see how easy it is to create your photo book with

Start your photobook now.

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Photo Book Today

Where Priceless Memories Become Timeless Books
Whether you have been meaning to organize the shots of your parents 30th anniversary or your child’s third birthday, photo book sites are a great resource to help you upload, organize and publish.

Photo Book Today

Photo Book Today - Where Priceless Memories Become Timeless Books

Why Photo Books?
With the shift to digital photos from paper you may have fewer boxes and piles of photos lying around your home. However, the digital “stacks” can be equally daunting if all of your photos are tucked away in file folders, never reaching the light of day in a digital photo frame or even your computer’s screensaver. Photo book sites can help, allowing you to create lovely keepsakes of all your important family events. They can also help you organize information for a homework assignment, family cookbook, professional portfolio and more. With the amazing customization capabilities photo book sites can act as your own personal publisher in many ways, and the finished product is a stylish hardcover book.
Photo book publishers make uploading, organizing, designing and publishing professionally styled, long-lasting photo books convenient, easy and, most importantly, fun. Many photo book publishers offer additional amenities and spaces where tight-knit groups or communities can come together and share finished photo books and exchange ideas about photography and photo book design. You can post your pictures for public viewing where other members can offer feedback on your pictures and vice versa. Many sites publish engaging, professional images of people and places from around the world for browsing and comment. Some sites even provide a bookstore where users can buy and sell finished photo books.
As you browse this site, you’ll find informative and creative comprehensive reviews on photo book having online photo book services and further more information as how to make your own photobook done you can visit us at

Photo Books: What to Look For

mephotobook services makes it easy for you, once you upload and organize your photos we then design and print your photo books. Mephotobook also have photo book gift services and other conveniences.
mephotobook designs and prints your photos giving it a professional look to your photobook giving it a high quality product. mephotobook makes sure that printing photos featured in the book are clean and sharp with proper contrast and color balance, not grainy, noisy or blurry. The paper quality used for the photo book is FSC certified paper and use brands like Fedrigoni and Mohawk.
Mephotobook has many features with options in design, a high quality product with helpful support.

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Digital photos books


Since jumping into the world of digital photography – like everybody, I don’t print out my photos anymore. Slipping photos into plastic sleeves is not charming any longer and my photos gathered virtual dust, hidden away in some long forgotten folder.

Hence, my first venture into digital photo books back in 2007 was for my son Yousuf Khan– a gift to my parents.

We can now finally print our own photo book – with different theme options and also with the desired captions.

Digital photos book

Digital photos book - Personalised Digital Photobooks

If you haven’t made a photo book online yet, the advantages of digital photo books over traditional slip-in album are numerous:

• Digital photos books tend to be much lighter in weight. Mine take up less than a fourth of the space of my traditional albums;
• Digital photo books are easily duplicated, making them great to give as personalized gifts for the entire family;
• Creativity is limitless – you can create a very clean composition of photos – portfolio-style or utilize a variety of themes, embellishments and borders for a scrapbook-look;
• You can share and even sell your creations online, allowing you to test the market without the expense of printing mass copies;
• With the number of companies providing online print services increasing every day, so have the options – from affordable softcover books, to higher-end flush mounts and premium pro options.

Digital Photo Book - Personalized Gifts for Entire Family

Custom Design Photobook for all seasons and for every reason. Digital Photo Book - Personalized Gifts for Entire Family

Here’s some tips on how to get started:
1. Narrow down the photos you plan to use to a manageable number so it doesn’t become overwhelming and you don’t waste time uploading photos you aren’t going to use. For a 25-page photo book, I average anywhere from 1 to 5 photos per page (assuming a standard A4 – 210x 297mm sized book), so 50 to 80 photos should provide a good selection from which to choose;

2. Edit your photos using your own photo-editing software. The editing tools provided with most free book software are not very sophisticated, and are generally limited to the basics such as converting to black and white, rotating and brightening;

3. If in doubt, err on the side of brighter. In my experience, photos tend to print darker than on screen. (Calibrating your monitor and obtaining printer profiles from the printer can also be very helpful.)

4. Duplicate and save all the photos you plan to use in a single folder for easy upload;

5. For a quick and easy book, most companies have preset themes, easy drag and drop templates and also “one-click” options that automatically place your photos for you;

6. For complete customization, use your own design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Aperture 3, or Adobe InDesign (free trials are available for download at the company’s sites). However, having your own software isn’t necessary to make a customized and professional-looking book. Look for a photo book company that allows you to edit and create your own templates.

Digital Photo book

Digital photos book - Personalized with diffeent theme options

7. Lastly, if you have no time and lazy about or don’t understand the software’s ,You could directly, sort your photos in an USB and bring it to mephotobook and our graphic designers can design your photo book professionally and give your very own personalized photo book that would last forever;

Middle East Photobook - Treasure your memories

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Would you like to turn your precious photos into beautiful coffee table books?


Would you like to turn your precious photos into beautiful coffee table books?

Would you like us to design it for you

We are offering a new service where we do the design for you, making your life easier and giving your books  a professional look.

It’s quick and easy

Send us your photos and we will take care of the rest. Designing and printing your personalized hardcover coffee table book within 3 weeks.

A wonderful gift

Perfect for wedding photo books, newborns, parties, holidays and celebrations and a great christmas gift. We also do photo calendars & postcards.

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